26th June, 2014

(via Dolls and Stuff)

12th May, 2014

It’s unbelievable of the double standards within the doll community. Someone makes a confession about Bluekitsune and then suddenly whiteknights. Replace Bluekitsune or another well liked user with a lesser-known or infamous user and you have asshats everywhere.

12th May, 2014

It would be really nice to have measurements in a swap. What would be better is to get matched to a doll I know I can sew for. I find it hilarious when I have a hoard and every leader finds the one I don’t have a size for, even after asking them not to match me with something I don’t have because I tailor the clothing.

11th May, 2014

I don’t get how people manage to break their dolls’ fingers. I treat my own dolls as toys rather than works of art, because I have them to play with them. While my treatment of them may sometimes accidentally be rather harsh, they hardly have scratches, let alone anything broken. It makes me wonder how people treat their dolls to make their fingers break, ‘cause I feel I see dolls with broken fingers on the MP all the time.

11th May, 2014

Even though I shit my pants over the recast debate and get super angry at some of the morons in this hobby, I’ve made some really great friends in the BJD community and I’m so grateful to have them. It’s a great hobby and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

9th May, 2014

I hate the “I can’t afford a doll, I’m poor” line. I know jobless teenagers that did many unflattering odd jobs and saved money for years to get their grail and accomplished it. There’s a difference in “never” and “right now”. Very few people can just spontaneously decide to drop $800 on a doll on a whim. Saving isn’t easy, but it’s worth it!

8th May, 2014

I see a lot of people on here that are intimidated by the bjd community. I’ve felt the same—but don’t let that keep you from loving your dolls! What it comes down to is what makes you happy. Love your doll: if it’s authentic, if it’s a recast, even if it’s a doll that everyone else thinks is weird. Love your dolls. I promise you there are people in this community that will love them and love you. <3 Embrace those people and do your best to ignore the others.